Surfing Terms for Beginners

Knowing the common surfing terms would benefit any beginner surfer like you to not only understand the sport better but also to communicate with your fellow-surfer better.

A-frame: The wave that breaks both left and right and resembling the shape of the alphabet A is called an A-frame.

Ankle Busterst: The small waves are referred so.

Barrel: The hollow portion of the wave when it is breaking is called a barrel. It is also called a tube, sometimes.

Backdoor: When a surfer enters the barrel from behind the peak of the breaking wave, it is called Backdoor.

Bail: Whenever an imminent danger is foreseen, bailing off could help any surfer, which is nothing but jumping off the board.

Carving: The action of turning sharply around the waves is called carving.

Hollow: The tube section of a wave is referred to as the hollow. A surfer can ride a hollow way, just like traversing a tunnel, that is, completely covered up by the wave, without having the wave to break on her/him.

Proneout: The action of pulling out of a wave by lying down on the surfboard is called prone out.

Set: A series of similar 'good' waves is referred to as the set.

Trim: The act of gliding effectively across the wave face is referred to as trim. When you are said to be in trim, your position is believed to be in absolute harmony with the waves.