Beginnerís Surfing Etiquettes

Absolutely wipe-off your apprehensions by observing these beginnersís surfing etiquettes that would not only help you to surf confidently but also to surf like a pro!

Surfing is more important than socializing, especially when you are a beginner and therefore, choose an area that is not crowded by the seasoned surfers to avoid unfavorable situations, both for you and the fellow-surfers. Also, do not hesitate to check with the lifeguard in understanding the nature of the water area aka the potential hazards before deciding to go surfing in a specific area of the water body.

Whatever might be the height and intensity of the wave, do not ever try to ditch your surfboard and dive under the wave as that can produce dangerous results. Also, developing this habit might harm your surfing journey and therefore, it is best to suppress this action right in your beginner situation.

Not only while driving, even while surfing it is appreciated to follow the right of the way rule, which is best when practiced at the earlier aka while you are a beginner. In the world of surfing, the surfer who is positioned closest to the peak is considered to be the one who can enjoy the right of the way aka catch the wave, ethically. But, if you fail to oblige it and drop-in, that is catching the wave that has already been caught or that belongs to the right surfer, only dangerous actions can result, which can altogether harm your surfing aspirations.